Yoga at the Gaia

Yoga at the Gaia With Simply Rooted

Breathe, Balance, Bliss

Partnering with Simply Rooted, we’ve created an experience to help you align your breath, pose in pure bliss, and unwind under the California sky. Serenely stretch in nature along the banks of the Sacramento River with complimentary classes for our hotel guests.

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  • Every Friday - 4:30pm
  • Complimentary to all hotel guests, yoga mats are provided

Every Friday | 4:30pm

Yoga With Simply Rooted Event

Led by an experienced instructor, this complimentary yoga session on the banks of the Sacramento River will ground you to Earth’s blissful energy. Yoga mats are provided, so you can flow through each mindful movement and rejuvenate your spirit amidst tranquil surroundings.

About Simply Rooted

Founded in 2019 with a vision to cultivate wellness through innovative yoga experiences, Simply Rooted opted for an out-of-the-box approach. Beginning as a mobile business, they collaborated with local businesses to bring yoga into people’s homes, salons, and even goat farms. Simply Rooted’s mission is to cultivate health, growth, and overall well-being through in-studio and outdoor yoga sessions.

Core Values

    Creating connections on a deeper level
    Engaging with our community and
    cultivating wellness in every relationship
    Collaborating with local businesses
    to sustain a thriving community
  • YOU
    You are why we are here, you are
    worth this wellness journey


From Mat to Table

Following your session, reserve a table at Woodside Grill to wind down with globally inspired dishes and handpicked wines. Savor our array of diverse flavors—from the Chimichurri Steak to the Asian Chicken Salad—in a rustic yet refined setting, all designed to replenish mind and body.

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