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  • Green Efforts initiated by Gaia Hotel and Spa, Anderson

First LEED Silver Certified Hotel in the Northstate 

Gaia Hotel & Spa was constructed in 2007 as an environmentally sustainable hotel in Anderson, California. It is the only LEED certified hotel in Northern California with Silver status, and has Gold status with TripAdvisor Green Leaders. Gaia Hotel and Spa is dedicated to responsible hospitality and helping to preserve the earth, from its building materials and landscaping to its recycling and conservation initiatives. We love the beauty of Northern California and invite you to help us in our efforts to keep it green future generations and travelers.

How We Go Green

  • All lumber used for the hotel is FSC (international network to promote responsible management of the world's forests)
  • Low VOC sealants and adhesives were used throughout the hotel for carpet, construction, and paints
  • All restrooms built with recycled tiles and granite
  • All toilets are 40% DDLow flush and all guestrooms are equipped with low-flow shower heads, with appropriately sized and efficient HVAC units 
  • All windows used are efficient, low energy transmittable, and reduce glare. Solatube tubular skylights are used throughout the hotel including our conference rooms, lobby, and hallways. These skylights magnify the sun's rays to deliver abundant light into the property's interior spaces during the day.
  • All fertilizers used for landscaping are natural and chemical free. Native and climate-adaptive plants were used so water use for irrigating is very limited. 50% of the original trees on the property were preserved, which include pecan trees and wildflowers with reproducing seeds. Landscaping waste is never swept into storm drains or gutters.
  • Environmentally-friendly cleaning products are used to clean the property
  • Use of LED lighting throughout hotel exterior and in rooms.

Green Gaia Hotel and Spa features include: 

  • 100% non-smoking rooms
  • Waterless urinal to save water
  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • No Styrofoam used
  • Grease traps in all waste
  • Purchases from local farms
  • Donation of used furniture, equipment, carpet, towels, sheets, and blankets to non-profit housing agencies
  • Reduced size and number of dumpsters
  • Recycling of cans, bottles, paper, boxes, frying oil
  • Discounted banquet space for environmental organizations
  • Emphasis on local area nature-related activities
  • Monitoring of water, energy, and solid waste
  • High reflective roof cover to reduce heat
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