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sUAV Survey Mapping & Regulations
9:00 AM - 11:59 PM US Bureau of Land Management
Date: September 04, 2019 to September 04, 2019
Where: US Bureau of Land Management, Conservation Department , 6640 Lockheed Dr, Redding, California, United States
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Industry professionals are turning to drones.  The benefits far exceed traditional methods of generating imagery orthomosaics, surfaces by generating cm detail imagery and surface accuracy basemaps of a brownfield, a future park to applications in forest management, vineyards to burn areas. Drones (or UAVs/UAS) offer quick, easy and cost-effective insights, on demand that we import into GIS or CAD deliverables.  This workshop will be taught by landscape architect & GIS Professor Warren Roberts. Sessions are scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday and half day Friday.   What are the Learning outcomes? This workshop course provides a hands on introduction and basic overview to Drone Survey Mapping and preparing Federal Aviation Regulation (FAA) Part 107 License (a requirement for commercial use of drone services). The learning outcomes includes performing the workflow of generating ground control point accurate orthomosaic layers for GIS & CAD basemaps, image analysis and generation of digital surface models for volumetrics, slope and best practices for use with GIS and mobile apps.  Day one provides an overview of the use of Drones in Survey Mapping & presentations for preparing for the FAA 107 commercial license exam.  We'll finish up with hands on free flights with sUAV and discussion of recommended investments in hardware and software. Day two we'll finish up FAA 107 regulations and go through the survey mapping workflow from start to finish of acquiring high resolution imagery and surface models for survey mapping and basemap development for use in GIS or CAD.   Day three, Friday morning we'll wrap up with best practices for using imagery in ArcGIS, analysis and mobile apps.  We'll finish with demonstration of near infrared sensor and fixed wing (depending on restricted airspace). Agenda Day 001 9 am to 4pm  Intro to UAV Mapping & Preparing for the Commercial License Survey Mapping with Drones Overview Preparing for the drone commercial license FAA107  What drone hardw
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